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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning page.

Please find attached home learning folders/documents for the children in Year 5. There are documents to support your children's learning in English (including some grammar and reading activities) Maths, Science and Art. On the weekly timetable there may be other activity suggestions for example RE, PE, Music or Topic work (we may vary these weekly to try to offer a spread of subjects).

Where is the work? 

On the right of this page, there is a Term 3 folder which contains the work for each week.

When will the work be online? 

We will upload your child's work for the week every Monday (although if we possibly can, we will aim for the afternoon of the Friday before as some of you have let us know you would like to see what’s coming!) This way you will know exactly what to do for the week ahead.

What learning should we do? 

We will try to organise the work for you so that you can see what can be done each day wherever possible. We will provide a weekly timetable as a guide for those that find this useful with suggested days for the English and Maths work and then objectives for the other subjects. Fit these extra pieces of learning in when best suits you. These could be in and around the English and maths or during the afternoons. Also, these do not have to be done everyday. Balance your day as best as you can to suit your family at home. 


Where to do the work? 

When completing these, please complete them in a way that best suits your situation at home. If you are able to print them and work directly with the document that is fantastic. However, it is also okay to complete them electronically, perhaps on word and on notebooks etc... If there is work set that has a template then please do not feel it needs to be printed to complete it exactly how it is presented on the website. It is perfectly fine to complete the learning in any way which suits your family and resources at home.

Organising the day:

Many of you have said you and your child find the weekly timetable a useful way to organise the learning, but please build your day around you and what suits your family. We suggest that each activity take no longer than 30 minutes or your child may loose focus. For other children, their concentration may last only 20 minutes (or less!). In class, we encourage them to get as much done as they possibly can in that 20/30 minutes stretch and then make sure they can actually finish or take a brain-break so it does not overwhelm them. If anything is really too difficult, let your class teacher know and choose something else as we will return to it once school re-opens. (You know your child however: if they are enjoying a piece of work and wish to work on it for longer than 30 minutes we are not suggesting you stop them so obviously use your discretion!)

The Year 5 Team thank you all so much for your support with this and appreciate how big an adjustment it is for you and your children. Our greatest concern at this time is the complete welfare of our families and are here to support you in any way we can.

‚ÄčIf you have any questions, please contact your teacher via the office email or by your Class Dojo page.