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Year 1


Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning page.

Please find attached home learning folders/documents for the children in Year 1.  Each week there will be documents to support your child’s learning in RWI, spelling, maths, reading, RE, science and topic, with suggestions for PE related activities now that the weather is not conducive to using outdoor space.  There will be a newsletter giving an overview of the learning for each week. 

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RWI – It is crucial for children use the Read, Write, Inc Programme resources provided to support them with their phonics learning.  Please do ask if you require any further support with this. RWI children are of course welcome to try the English activities as extra.

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Reading - Please make use of the Oxford Owl website that has a number of free ebooks the children can read.  If you require a book bundle, please let us know before 8am, thank you. 

Oxford Owl  -

Where is the work? 

At the very bottom of the page you will find a CLICK HERE link to take you to your child's home learning. 

When will the work be online? 

We will upload your child's work for the week every Monday. This way you will know exactly what to do for the week ahead.  If we are able to, we will upload some of it prior to a Monday morning. 

What learning should we do? 

We will try to organise the work for you so that you can see what can be done each day. There will be RWI, Spelling, Maths and Reading for each week to cover each day. (Please see the videos to guide you)  As well, we will also include a range of Science, Topic, PE and RE activities – please fit these in when it is best for you. These could be in and around the RWI and maths or during the afternoons. Also, these do not have to be done every day. Balance your day as best as you can to suit your family and circumstances at home. 

Where to do the work? 

When completing these, please complete them in a way that best suits your situation at home. If you are able to print them and work directly with the document that is fantastic. However, it is also okay to complete them electronically, perhaps on word and on notebooks etc... If there is work set that has a template then please do not feel it needs to be printed to complete it exactly how it is presented on the website. It is perfectly fine to complete the learning in any way which suits your family and resources at home.  If you still require an exercise book to record learning in, please let us know.

Organising the day:

A few tips we have given parents about home learning is giving the day structure. It could be a weekly timetable or a daily one, but let your child know what’s happening each day. Even if you have a plan for the week, revisit the plan each morning and maybe after lunch. There is an example of a timetable on our weekly newsletter but please build your day around you and what suits your family.


How long should we work on our home learning? 

Where possible it’s about short bursts. Little and often so that they can have brain break in between learning. At school we may have a maths lesson for an hour for example but please don’t think you need to mirror this at home. Even in our longer lessons, we still break them up into shorter bursts.

‚ÄčIf you have any questions, please contact your teacher via the office email or by your Class Dojo page. 

Thank you all for your support with continuing the children's learning at home. 


Click HERE to open the Home Learning Folder