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What the SRP provides for pupils with Vision Impairment (VI) needs

In 1992 Reculver C.E. Primary School first opened its VI provision. Since that time more than 25 pupils with VI have made a rewarding and successful journey through the school.

The VI provision at Reculver C.E. Primary School aims to fully include and support any pupil with Vision Impairment, within the classroom alongside their peers and to encourage independence whenever possible.

Reculver C.E. Primary School has a team of qualified and highly experienced Teaching Assistants (TAs) who support the pupils with VI. All the TAs are competent braillists and are experienced with adapting all written / paper materials according to individual pupils needs. The Teaching Assistants work closely with the class teachers and Qualified Teacher of the Vision Impaired (QTVI) to ensure all aspects of the curriculum are accessible and adapted to meet the needs of each individual pupil with VI.

The school has a wide range of resources, reading material and technology to support all subjects in class.  Subscriptions are held with the CustomEyes (Blind Children UK), RNIB and Clear Vision who regularly send a range of fiction and non- fiction books in large print and braille. These books are selected by us to support specific subjects in the school curriculum.

We are also supported by KAB Mobility Services who visit our pupils with VI to work on mobility and life skills. The TAs will practice these skills with the pupil where necessary to promote confidence and independence.

The school has also made links with other schools that have VI pupils and have been involved in a VIP (Vision Impaired Person) club where the pupils with VI have been able to get together, share experiences and build relationships with children that have similar vision needs from other schools to further develop their confidence and social skills.

Please enjoy the link below which shows a video co-produced and performed by one of our former pupils with VI, of whom we are very proud.

We are proud to also be able to show a video of one of our existing pupils with VI in an extract from a recent Nativity performance in 2017.