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Reflection areas


Each classroom has a Christian reflection area, which are changed and added to regularly in worship in the classroom and other odd times in the day. They are a place where the children can come and ponder, reflect and pray.

The areas have a key Bible verse and cross as its focal point and will include other artefacts, pictures and verses to engage the children in thought and prayer.

They usually follow the same theme as collective worship to enable the children to deepen their understanding and thoughts behind each Christian message.

Whole school prayer area

As a school we felt it was important to have a focal and central prayer point for the whole school community to engage with. As it is positioned just off from the main hall, most children can have access to it on a regular basis. Its theme either follows the class reflection areas or our worship topic.

This area has a huge impact on the children’s spiritual lives, with many commenting they feel closer to God when they write their prayer and pin it to the tree or enjoy reading the Bible verse and quotes which surround the tree.