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We provide a broad, balanced and robust musical experience at Reculver C of England Primary School. We ensure all children have the opportunity to sing, compose, perform and learn about significant people from the world of music both past and present. Through a progressive and enriching curriculum, children are empowered to develop a real appreciation and understanding of a wide range of music. This creative process forms part of the embedded culture and ethos of the school. 

Our school curriculum provides a supportive structure that enables all children to reach their full potential through a detailed progression of knowledge and skills. Through the engaging and hands-on musical activities, the children explore, alongside expert guidance and related external experiences. We instil a passion for music that will remain with the children throughout their lifelong learning experiences. 


All children will learn about music using the following threads:

  • Singing
  • Pulse and Rhythm
  • Composition
  • Musical Appreciation
  • Notation
  • Listening
  • Performance
  • Significant people