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Dragonflies (Foundation Stage) Miss Cunningham

Welcome to the Dragonfly Class

Welcome to the Dragonfly Class – my name is Miss Cunningham and I am looking forward to getting to know the little Dragonfly’s. We are very lucky to have Mrs Gardiner working with us every day. Please do not hesitate to come and see us  if you have any concerns at all about your child’s progress or happiness at school, appointments can always be made at a mutually convenient time either at the beginning or end of the school day.      


Our day is packed full of exciting and interesting learning opportunities - both inside and outside of the classroom, exploring a variety of activities with our friends. There are many resources available to the children on a daily basis which they can access independently to stimulate and extend their interests. The adults are always engaged in learning opportunities, sharing in the children’s efforts, achievements and challenges ensuring the children are effectively supported and providing opportunities to extend and develop learning and interests.

As well as planning learning opportunities to challenge and develop children’s learning, the children themselves have opportunities to take control of their own learning. Having an active role in their learning is key, therefore we allow the children to plan their own activities, make decisions about how to approach tasks, solve problems and reach a goal. Throughout the year the children will develop a variety of new and challenging skills. These will include maths, writing, phonics and reading, ICT, music, art, exploring aspects of the world, and role play opportunities. Below is a table which highlights the variety of different topics that we cover across the year, and when they occur. We like to keep parent up to date and involved with their children’s learning, therefore we like to share our topic work with messages and photos on class Dojo.


Curriculum Trips

To support our topic teaching we hope to make the following visits this year. Further information regarding these will follow in due course.

Term 2 – Visit to St Mary’s Church

Term 3 – Visit our local area

Term 4 – People Who help us visitors

Term 5 - Visit to Rare Breads Centre/Zoo experience

Term 6 - Visit to Reculver Beach


Home Learning

Early Years Home Learning can be found on the web site as well as a paper copy coming home in book bags on a termly basis.  Please use a scrap book to present your child’s Home Learning using photographs and examples of their pictures and writing. The children love to share their scrap books with both their friends and adults at the end of each term.

Children love to listen to stories as well as practising their own reading skills so we ask that you read with your child every night. The children can select books from school to listen to at home as part of their daily routine, these can be changed as frequently as you like.  We also ask that children read regularly at home to you. Please see the leaflet regarding reading at home for further information on how best to support your child with this.

The children are also provided with word strings containing the 45 reception high frequency words.  They will need help to learn to sight read both the red and green words and to write these by the end of the year.

You will also find maths challenge cards in the classroom which cover a range of early maths skills, please feel free to select challenges to complete at home with your child as frequently as you like.

Learning is about keeping on trying and enjoying what we set out to do! We provide an environment which focuses on effort as well as achievements. When we all learn together and from each other we will thrive in our learning!

Picking up your children at the end of the day

Dragonfly Class: At the door behind the classroom by the Early Years outside area. .

I am available to speak to you at the end of the day if you have any questions or concerns.

Or alternatively you can arrange an appointment with the office.


Reading at home

In Early Years when the children have learnt their sounds we would like the children to read as often as they can. We ask that once you have heard your child read you sign their reading diary, noting the page read up to. We also encourage wider reading than just school books, please encourage them to read any text that interests them. Going to the library together is a fun way to share new books with your child.

In Early Years, we aim build up their reading expectation in school and throughout the year. We will discuss this more at our Parent Meeting.


Busters Book Club

We like the children to read as often as possible but we take a data capture every Thursday morning to see who has read the night before and for how long. Children in Early Years and Year 1 should read for at least 5/10 minutes on a Wednesday evening. This data gets recorded on the Busters Book Club bookmark and teachers use this information to award bronze, silver and gold badges to ‘Star Reader of the Week’. The class with the most minutes read or most improved reading will be awarded the trophy in school Celebration Worship. 


Your children need to make sure they have their P.E kit in school everyday. Please could you make sure they have a suitable tracksuit and trainers for outdoor P.E and that EVERYTHING is named.

Dragonflies will have PE on a Thursday

Earrings must not be worn for PE so please can your child take them out for PE days. Thank you.


Reflection area

Inside the classroom we have a reflection area. This is a special place where the children are able to come and sit, think or talk about things which are important in our lives. We share worship everyday listening to and talking about stories from the Bible, as well as singing lots of lovely songs which the children really enjoy. On a Friday we have celebration worship. We come together as a whole year group and a child from each class is chosen to win the effort cup for their efforts and achievements from that week. Every child will win the effort cup at some point during the year.

Miss Cunningham


Updated April 2020