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Reculver CofE Primary School


Year 5

Welcome to year 5 - a busy and exciting year, full of opportunities to learn, develop and grow, both as pupils and as individuals.

Throughout the year we are very much focusing on building resilience and self-confidence through our daily tasks, becoming reflective thinkers and responsible individuals.


For maths we mix the year group, so some children will move classroom for the duration of the daily maths lessons. PE takes place twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. Non-swimmers will be offered swimming lessons in place of one of the PE slots during term 5.

Additional support and tutoring will be offered to children, where deemed beneficial to their learning, during morning sessions before the school day or during the afternoon before home-time.

Supporting pupils and their families is hugely important to us, as contented children make for happier learners. We keep in touch with parents at the end of the school day on the playground and through Class Dojo. Face-to-face meetings can also be arranged, particularly where there might be concerns about a child's progress or happiness at school.

Reading and Homework:

We expect children to read at home to an adult at least 4 times a week. Reading records are provided to note down their reading and children complete AR quizzes within school to track their understanding and progression. Additionally we expect children to practice their weekly spellings and complete weekly homework, available online via Spelling Shed and Emile.


Trips and Enrichment:

  • Black History Month and World Sight Day during term 1.
  • Term 2 visit to Hawthorne Trenches for in immersive World War 1 experience of trench life.
  • Ancient Egypt dress up day in tem 3.
  • Term 4 visit from Thanet Earth for an educational talk about local produce and sustainable farming. 
  • Geography field trip to a local area of interest during term 5.
  • Term 6 trip to Dream land in Margate to investigate the use of pulleys, levers and forces within a funfair park.


Within the classroom, pupils are supported throughout the day by class teachers and TAs:

Tigers: Mrs Craddock with Mrs Joiner, Mrs Nassirzadeh and Mr Casey Lions: Mrs Mewett with Mrs Leivers and Ms Coyle Leopards: Mrs Leelaratne with Mrs Skinsley-Stephens


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