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Reculver CofE Primary School


RE Curriculum

“We show love and compassion for others by truly helping them, and not merely talking about it.”

John 3:18

At Reculver C of E Primary our aspiration is that every child will be a: successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and an effective contributor to society and at work.

Religious Education makes a major contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils by helping them to acquire the knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other major religions represented in Britain. It also helps them to develop their own beliefs and values.

R.E plays a very important part in our broad, balanced and coherent curriculum to which all pupils are entitled at Reculver. It develops their religious literacy so that they have a deeper understanding of specific religious terms and can use them confidently and accurately. 

Our curriculum has a clear, embedded progression of knowledge and skills which has been informed by the Kent Agreed Syllabus, Understanding Christianity and the World Faith plans provided by the Diocese.  We use and adapt these plans to suit the needs of all of our pupils.

Through a variety of teaching techniques such as drama, art, discussion, use of artefacts, stories, pictures and periods of stillness and reflection, pupils have a wide range of opportunities to learn both about religion and from religion. Our working walls show the journey of learning throughout a whole unit of work and enable pupils to interact with and respond to key questions, ideas and beliefs. Pupil responses are either recorded on post it-notes, in thought bubbles or through illustrations to offer a way of responding regardless of academic ability.

We provide rich and engaging opportunities for pupils to experience different faiths through visitors to schools and visits to places of worship - where possible and in-line with the current health and safety/risk assessment procedures.  We also work closely with our partner school, St Luke’s, and share our RE learning experiences with each other.  Every year we hold a World Faith Day that further promotes pupil understanding and knowledge of other religions.

A selection of Working Walls to show the learning journey over the course of a term:



  1. Religious Education Policy

  2. Appendix 1 - Kent Agreed Syllabus
  3. Appendix 2 - Progression of skills

  4. Appendix 3 - Principles for Assessment in RE

  5. World Faith Day 2021 - Bulletin for Parents
  6. World Faith Day 2022 - Bulletin for Parents
  7. WIRE Award certificate 2022

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