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Reculver CofE Primary School


Preparation for Transition

Whilst at Reculver C.E. Primary School, we offer all the support we can to help the young person develop as an individual and to ensure their development through the school is as smooth as possible. 

We give parents and carers the opportunity to produce a pen picture of their child, including any particular issues / needs / worries that they or their child may have to help with their children’s move to their new class each September. 

We offer all parents this opportunity to write down any information that they would like their child’s new teacher to know, if they wish to do so.

Any pupil who requires additional reassurance can refer to the class videos, posted on this website by class teachers each summer term, that they can refer to over the summer holidays.  These contain information about their next class and the topics they will be covering.

Secondary Transfer

In Year 6, Transition to Secondary School is supported by facilitating additional visits, providing access to Transition Days and events organised by the Secondary schools.

Information is shared from the Inclusion manager and Wellbeing Manager to Secondary School SENCOs and Pastoral staff to support the smooth transition of our pupils to their new schools.

Year 7 staff from the Secondary schools visit all Primary schools to meet with the pupils who will be coming to their school and to speak with the class teachers. 

All records are passed from the Primary to the Secondary school.