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Reculver CofE Primary School


Parents' Council


Parents and the school community share as goals the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children attending Reculver CE School. With those goals in mind, it is imperative that parents, and the school, work cooperatively to meet the needs of our children.

A key component to this cooperative arrangement is communication between parents and the school.  The Parents’ Council (parents, grandparents, carers etc) has been established to enhance communication between Reculver School and its parent body. The school wants to give parents and carers an opportunity to voice issues, and to assure them that these issues are heard and in turn respond with feed back to the parents.

The Parents' Council acts as a forum for parents' concerns, and wishes, for the future of the school.


Mission Statement

We are committed to helping the school to improve relations within the ‘School Community’ (teachers, parents and children) with a focus on effective communication between the school and parents/carers.

The Parents' Council is a body of parents that provide advice and comment on all aspects of the school to the Head Teacher.



The Parents' Council consists of representatives of each year group. The Parents' Council members are volunteers and, in some cases, elected by the parents of each year group.

The current Parents' Council representatives are:



The council will meet twice per term. Parents and carers will be given the opportunity to submit topics for discussion, and the Chair and Head Teacher will agree each meeting’s agenda based on these submissions.



Parents can contact the Parents' Council with concerns and issues they want to be raised at the meetings by contacting the Chair, any of Parents' Council representatives or sending an email to parents.council@reculver.kent.sch.uk. Please note that issues regarding an individual pupil should still be addressed via the appropriate channel i.e. Class Teacher, Head of Year, Deputy Head Teacher or Head Teacher.