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Modern Foreign Language: Spanish

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."         

Ludwig Wittgenstein


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The Modern Foreign Language curriculum at Reculver CE Primary makes language learning relevant, engaging and effective. We use a high quality scheme that inspires pupils and develops their confidence, knowledge and skills to read, write, listen and speak in a different language. Through weekly structured lessons, pupils are able to explore, not only linguistic aspects, but also cultural variety that will enhance their understanding of the wider world.


At Reculver CE Primary, the language curriculum commences at the beginning of key-stage 2 and follows through to the end of year six, to give pupils the best opportunity to leave primary education with a substantial foundation for further language learning in secondary education. During the four years of engaging with a foreign language, pupils will discover cultural understanding and empathy as they engage with the pillars of progression (vocabulary, grammar and phonics), which are embedded into the scheme, as well as fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum.


By the end of key-stage 2, Reculver pupils will be able to:

Listening: Can understand the main points and some detail from a short, spoken passage with comprising of familiar language

Speaking: Can take part in a simple conversation and can express simple opinions. Generally accurate pronunciation (to a sympathetic native speaker)

Reading: Can understand the main points and simple opinions of a longer written passage (e.g. letter, recipe, poem, story, an account. Can use a bilingual dictionary to access unfamiliar language.

Writing: Can write a short text attempting to use accurately nouns, adjectives and some commonly used and regular verbs in the present tense on a familiar topic using reference materials, support if necessary.


Scheme of Work Overview.pdf

Progression Overview.pdf

Year 3 Long Term Overview.pdf

Year 4 Long Term Overview.pdf

Year 5 Long Term Overview.pdf

Year 6 Long Term Overview.pdf