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Reculver CofE Primary School


Forest School

Forest School uses the outside environment to develop perseverance when facing challenges, co-operating and communicating with others to reach a shared goal while developing practical skills, risk assessing and free play. 

The aim is to build self-esteem and take those developing communication skills and problem-solving strategies into the classroom environment and their learning. The children have the opportunity to lead the activities and evaluate the outcomes of their effort so are learning to take responsibility and ownership of their decisions and the impact this has on others and the environment. 

The children are encouraged to measure the level of risk involved in their choices and develop their resilience and independence.

 Forest School is about developing how they see themselves while also having a positive impact on the environment. Since our first term I’ve seen real progress in them listening to one another and their confidence at risk assessing the activities they have chosen. 

Working with the whole of Early Years and Year 1 allows the children to learn from one another; lead and show a real nurturing side of their personalities that could then be highlighted and celebrated.  The individual child begins recognising positive attributes they have in abundance that can often be overlooked in a pressured situation.  Over time, they learn to draw on this new perception of themselves building their confidence to tackle academic challenges in the classroom and life challenges in the future.