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Reculver CofE Primary School



At Reculver Church of England Primary School, our aim is to meet the needs of all children in the school by providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

We want all children to be able to reach their own individual potential and build upon their strengths, helping them to understand that we believe they can achieve and succeed in their education. We use the National Curriculum that is statutory for state schools and we choose inspiring themes and projects that will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of all subjects across the school. We have adopted an inspiring text based curriculum which uses rich texts linked to the themes and projects we teach. We plan interesting and exciting experiences as a springboard to learning to spark exciting learning that will encompass the wider curriculum subjects, alongside the all-important English, Maths, RE and Science. 

We promote positive emotional health and well-being to help children develop social and emotional skills throughout all subjects and also through PSHE sessions. As a church school, we support children’s spiritual needs in our caring Christian environment that promotes our school ethos and values of Hope, Compassion, Love, Perseverance and Forgiveness. In our school we live out these values alongside the British Values to enable our pupils to make informed choices and become respectful individuals.

You can access information about our curriculum using the tabs at the side of this page, together with the Whole School Curriculum Overview here. There are subject areas that have been planned by the teachers and Subject Leaders. These are open to interpretation by the teachers, and units of work may move around depending upon world events and relevance to the children. There are Year Group themes to show the work that the children will cover in each year group across the school and the key knowledge and skills that the children will be learning in each of the subjects. The individual subject pages provide a more detailed picture of what the children will cover across the year.