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Reculver CofE Primary School



Computing is an imperative part of our everyday life. Technology is evolving daily and it is important we teach children the skills to engage, use and adapt to the technological advances that are happening rapidly to allow them to be active participants in our digital world. The curriculum at Reculver C of E Primary School provides a spectrum of knowledge as it teaches skills for digital literacy, information technology and computer science. Computing as a subject also allows the children to gain key skills such as critical and computational thinking and the ability to be resilient.

At Reculver C of E Primary School, we have high expectations for all children, including disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND, to reach their full potential. We deliver a high-quality Computing education to equip our pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change our world. Children are both challenged and supported through well planned sequences of lessons that demonstrate clear progression of knowledge and skills. Across Key Stage 1 and 2, all three strands of the Computing curriculum -Information Technology, Digital Literacy and Computer Science- are taught both discretely as Computing lessons and computing knowledge is planned into foundation subjects, allowing children to apply their computing skills in a practical, real world setting. Internet safety is a theme that runs through units of work for every year group and is focussed upon during Safer Internet Day. During the Early Years, children are given opportunities to explore basic skills, which are built upon as they progress throughout the school, resulting in children who are high achievers, confident, motivated and enjoy the subject of Computing.

In some respects and for many children, learning from home during the Covid lockdown periods enabled them to focus on developing their Computing skills. A number of children were given a laptop to use at home and this helped further develop basic computing skills such as touch typing, mouse control and the ability to successfully save and retrieve work. Our Key Stage 2 children were encouraged to complete online coding activities and a love for coding blossomed in many children as a result of this. Children met the digital literacy objectives by creating PowerPoints and Publisher posters to demonstrate their learning in other areas of the curriculum



  1. Computing Progression of Knowledge and Skills

  2. Computing Long Term Plan