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Year 6. Autumn 2. Invasion Games

Most children will be able to:

Use different techniques for passing, controlling, dribbling and shooting the ball in games; apply basic principles of team play to keep possession of the ball; use marking, tackling and/ or interception to improve their defence; play effectively as part of a team; know what position they are playing in and how to contribute when attacking and defending; plan practices and warm ups to get ready for playing safely; recognise their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses in games; suggest ideas that will improve performance.

Some children will not have made so much progress. They will be able to:

Use a limited number of skills in attack and defence; pass, control, dribble and shoot the ball with some accuracy, when they are not under pressure; use some tactics in attack; play in a position in a team; use some defending ideas; carry out parts of warm ups effectively; suggest some ideas for warm-up routine; choose and practise some skills to improve their play.

Some children will have progressed further. They will be able to:

Use good- quality skills effectively; choose skills and tactics that meet the needs of the situation; make decisions quickly in games; play in a number of positions; understand attacking and defending positions well; design very good warm ups that suit the game; watch their own and others’ performances and suggest improvements for specific purposes.