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Year 5. Summer Term. Athletics

Most children will be able to:

Choose the best pace for a running event, so that they can sustain their running and improve on a personal target; show control at take-off in jumping activities; show accuracy and good technique when throwing for distance; organise and manage an athletic event well; understand how stamina and power help people to perform well in different athletic activities; identify good athletic performance and explain why it is good using agreed criteria.

Some children will not have made so much progress. They will be able to:

Understand and demonstrate the difference between sprinting and distance running; sustain their pace effort for short periods of time; demonstrate a range of throwing actions using modified equipment, with some accuracy and control; demonstrate a range of simpler jumping skills in different activities; identify activities that need more power or more stamina; with guidance, take different roles, e.g. recorder; explain some of the similarities and differences between different throws or jumps.

Some children will have progressed further.

They will be able to:

Show good control, strength and stamina when running, jumping and throwing; adapt their skills and techniques to different challenges and equipment; use good technique pace their effort well; know the rules, organise and judge events and challenges well, identify activities that help develop stamina or power and suggest how some can be used when warming up; pick out the important features of a performance; make good suggestions about what could be improved.