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Year 5. Autumn 2. Invasion Games

Most children will be able to:

Pass, dribble and shoot with control in games; identify and use tactics to help their team keep the ball and take it towards the opposition’s goal; mark opponents and help each other in defence; know and carry out warm-up activities that use exercises helpful for invasion games; pick out things that could be improved in performances and suggest ideas and practices to make them better.

Some children will not have made so much progress.

They will be able to:

Use a small range of sending, receiving and travelling techniques in games, with varied control; know what their team needs to do to take the ball towards the opposition’s goal, and contribute occasionally; follow others in warm-up activities; with guidance, recognise some things that need to be improved in games.

Some children will have progressed further. They will be able to:

Use a number of different techniques to pass, dribble and shoot; play games confidently; control the ball consistently; use a range of tactics in attack and defence; carry out thorough, effective warm-up activities, concentrating on exercises that will help their play; adapt these activities and exercise to meet their own needs; explain what is more or less effective in the games played; make changes that improve their performance