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Year 5. Autumn 1. Gymnastics

Most children will be able to:

Acquiring and Developing Skills

• Create, practise and refine longer, more complex sequences for a performance, including changes in level, direction and speed;

Selecting And Applying Skills, Tactics And Compositional Ideas

• choose actions, body shapes and balances from a wider range of themes and ideas;

• adapt their performance to the demands of a task, using their knowledge of composition;

Knowledge and understanding Of Fitness And Health

• understand the need for warming up and working on body strength, tone and flexibility;

• lead small groups in warm-up activities;

Evaluating and Improving Performance

• use basic set criteria to make simple judgements about performances and suggest ways they could be improved.

Some children will not have made so much progress. They will be able to:

Acquiring and Developing Skills

• practise and refine actions, shapes and balances;

• repeat their sequences successfully;

Selecting And Applying Skills, tactics and Compositional Ideas

• With help, make up a sequences that include contrasting actions, shapes and balances, and usually one dynamic;

knowledge and understanding Of Fitness and Health

• give reasons for warming up;

• follow others through a range of whole body exercises and stretches;

Evaluating And Improving performance

• watch, compare and contrast others’ performances.

Some children will have progressed further.

They will be able to:

Acquiring And Developing Skills

• Make up longer, more complex sequences, including contrasting actions, shapes, balances and dynamics;

Selecting and Applying Skills, Tactics And Compositional Ideas

• easily adapt sequences from one situation to another;

• take the lead in a group when preparing a sequence for performance to an audience;

• practise and refine their own work; show clear individual movements; transfer smoothly from one movement to another;

Knowledge and Understanding of Fitness and health

• lead warm-up activities;

Evaluating And Improving performance

• judge the strengths and weaknesses of performances and choose a single focus for improvement