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Year 5 and 6. Spring Term. Striking and fielding

Most children will be able to:

Strike a bowled ball; use a range of fielding skills, e.g. catching and throwing, bowling, intercepting, with growing control and consistency; work collaboratively in pairs, group activities and small sided games; use and apply the basic rules consistently and fairly; understand and implement a range of tactics in games recognise the activities and exercises that need including in a warm up; identify their own strengths and suggest practices to help them improve

Some children will not have made so much progress. They will be able to:

Play the games, but may need extra support; hit a ball bowled sympathetically to them; play a range of roles in a fielding team, but with varying degrees of success; know the basic rules; understand the need for different tactics; recognise that it is important to warm up and carry out exercises safely and carefully; recognise why some practices help to improve their play.

Some children will have progressed further. They will be able to:

Play games effectively, reading situations and responding quickly; bat, bowl and field with control; use a range of tactics for attacking and defending as batters, bowlers and fielders; identify the main types of fitness needed for these games and use them in warm-up routines; identify their own and others’ strengths and devise practices that lead to improvement.