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Year 3. Spring 2. Striking and fielding

Most children will be able to:

Use a range of skills, e.g. throwing, striking, intercepting and stopping a ball, with some control and accuracy; choose and vary skills and tactics to suit the situation in a game; carry out tactics successfully; set up small games; know rules and use them fairly to keep games going; explain what they need to do to get ready to play games; carry out warm ups with care and an awareness of what is happening to their bodies; describe what they and others do that is successful; suggest what needs practising.

Some children will not have made so much progress. They will be able to:

Use a few skills with control and reasonable accuracy; hit a stationary ball and retrieve and throw it when fielding; use a small range of skills and tactics in games; come up with sensible solutions, given time to think about their actions; follow warm ups; recognise what happens to their bodies as they work; carry out practices to improve their work and understand why they are useful.

Some children will have progressed further.

They will be able to:

Play games with speed and precision; hit a bowled ball; with intent and force; collect, stop and intercept a ball with increasing efficiency; throw a ball well from a distance; play games well using a variety of skills and equipment; choose and vary a range of tactics; make good tactical decisions quickly, while remaining aware of what is going on around them, explain what happens to their bodies as they work, and how this varies from game to game; identify and describe successful play, identify parts of play that could be improved.