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Year 3. Spring 1. Striking and fielding

Most children will be able to:

Keep up a continuous games, using a range of throwing and catching skills and techniques; use a small range of basic racket skills; choose and use a range of simple tactics for sending the ball in different ways to make it difficult for their opponent; choose and use a range of simple tactics for defending their own court; adapt and refine rules; make up their own net games; understand the point of the game; keep rules effectively and fairly; recognise how net games make the body work; talk about what they do well and recognise things they could do better.

Some children will not have made so much progress.

They will be able to:

Play games using modified courts and small range of throwing skills; play games with limited continuity, stopping the ball and catching it occasionally; hit a ball with reasonable consistency when practising; use bigger target areas to aim for; use a small range of tactics; use simple rules fairly, know when their heart beats faster; with help, identify practices to help them improve.

Some children will have progressed further.

They will be able to:

Use a wide range of throwing, catching and hitting skills, on both sides of their body; choose and use these skills with a good degree of accuracy; change the pace, length and direction of their throws and shots. To outwit their opponent; know where to stand; know how to defend their court; use and interpret rules fairly; help choose activities that warm them up and get them ready to play; suggest ideas for practices they can do to improve their performance.