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Year 3. Autumn 1. Invasion Games

Most children will be able to:

Throw and catch with control to keep possession and score “goals”; be aware of space and use it to support team mates and cause problems for the opposition; know and use rules fairly to keep games going; keep possession with some success when using equipment that is not used for throwing and catching skill; explain why it is important to warm up and cool down; say when a player has moved to help others; apply this knowledge to their own play.

Some children will not have

made so much progress.

They will be able to

Throw and catch with control when under limited pressure; make effective decisions when they have the ball, but take time to make them; move to find space when they have not got the ball, when prompted and guided; follow a simple warm up routine; comment on successful passes and shots at goal; keep the score

Some children will have progressed further

They will be able to:

Play effectively with speed and precision, as members of both small and larger teams; decide quickly where and when to pass the ball, showing good awareness of what is going on around them; vary tactics and adapt skills in response to the situation they face in a game; play a wider range of games and use a variety of skills and equipment well; lead small groups for warm-up activities; say why simple tactics worked.