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Year 2. Autumn 2. Invasion Games

Most children will be able to:

Show awareness of opponents and team-mates when playing games; perform basic skills of rolling, striking and kicking with more confidence; apply these skills in a variety of simple games; make choices about appropriate targets, space and equipment, use a variety of simple tactics, describe how their bodies work and feel when playing games; work well with a partner and in a small group to improve their skills.

Some children will not have made so much progress.

They will be able to:

Work to improve basic skills; make simple choices in target games, if they have more time to think; catch and throw in games when they are standing still; play a small part in games and activities in small groups; benefit from further individual and co-operative partner activities; recognise that their body feels different when playing different games; with guidance, watch others and focus on specific actions.

Some children will have progressed further.

They will be able to:

Make early decisions about the skills and tactics to use when playing games; use the space available to good effect; perform basic techniques of catching, throwing and kicking with a good level of consistency; begin to use these skills thoughtfully in simple competitive games; achieve greater control by anticipating action in a game and reacting quickly; describe the differences in the way their body works in different games; practise to improve their skills, knowing what they need to achieve.