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Year 1. Autumn 1. Invasion Games.

Most children will be able to:

Use basic underarm, rolling and hitting skill; sometimes use overarm skill; intercept, retrieve and stop a beanbag and a medium sized ball with some consistency; sometimes catch a bean bag and a medium -sized ball; track balls and other equipment sent to them, moving inline with the ball to collect it; throw, hit and kick a ball in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the game; choose different ways of hitting, throwing, striking or kicking the ball; decide where to stand to make it difficult for their opponent; describe what they and others are doing; describe how their body feels during games.


Some children will not have made so much progress. They will be able to:


Use a small range of underarm throwing and rolling skills accurately; use a small range of collecting and receiving skills; show some awareness of the space available and a basic awareness of the space available and a basic awareness of others around the space; play simple versions of games, with a partner or a passive opponent; choose and use a small range of basic skills and ideas; recognise when their heart beats faster or they get out of breath;


Some children will have progressed further. They will be able to:


Track, intercept, stop and catch balls and bean bags consistently; move fluently; control their bodies and limbs well; show good awareness of space and movements and actions taking place around them; make early decisions in games and in partner work; choose a range of skills that suit the needs of the game and outwit their opponents; show an understanding of why physical activity is fun and makes them feel good; describe simple tactics and skills they can use in games.