What the SRBP provides for pupils with Cognition and Learning needs

This year, 2016, Reculver School has been provided with the positive opportunity to expand the SRBP to accommodate the needs of children who attend the school with significant Cognition and Learning needs.

The aim of this provision is to fully include and support any child with Cognition and Learning needs throughout every aspect of school life as well as to promote independence.

We have a very experienced team of qualified and well trained teaching assistants, who meet the needs of each individual child and support them to reach their full potential.Their work is planned by the class teacher in conjunction with the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service, as well as health professionals, including Speech and Language therapists and Occupational therapists, all in accordance with the Outcomes and Targets on their Education Health Care Plan.

These professionals, both medical and educational, also provide training and advice for school staff.

The Teaching Assistants follow the programmes set by these professionals within school to ensure the very best outcomes for the children they support.

A range of approaches to promote communication are used at Reculver School including Makaton, BSL, Visual cues, Speech Link, Language Link and Language for Learning.

Staff at Reculver School work closely together to adapt and differentiate the curriculum to ensure inclusion of all children. We are currently able to assess a pupil’s individual progress by breaking down the curriculum in small manageable steps using Early Steps B-Squared (in Early Years) and P Scales (From Year 1 to Year 6.

Following the publication of the Rochford Review final Report, the school will be following its recommendations closely and moving towards assessment of pupils against the following 7 aspects of Cognition and Learning when appropriate:

  • Responsiveness
  • Curiosity
  • Discovery
  • Anticipation
  • Persistence
  • Initiation
  • investigation

There are a wide range of resources to meet the needs of each pupil. Resources include a Sensory Room, The Ark – a room that is fully equipped with a range of resources and developmental activities to promote learning through multi media sensory activities, fine and gross motor skills, life skills, proprioception and sensory processing activities.

Pupils have access to a range of technology including ipads to promote and engage in learning experiences.

The provision of a renovated and redesigned designated SEN space within the school will soon be completed.This will include a room for the resources in the existing Ark and will also accommodate a safe outside area, a Care  Suite, on site Speech and Language therapy room, Occupational Therapy Room, Safe Space and a Nurture room, where pupils will also be able to practice Life Skills.   

A positive aspect for the whole school, arising from the further development of the SRBP, is that a qualified Speech therapist will be resident in school one day a week to oversee the Speech and Language therapy for the pupils in the SRBP and also to support the quality of provision of support for Speech and Language issues throughout the school.

It is anticipated that there will also be a similar arrangement with an Occupational therapist in the near future.