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The Lions (Year 5) Mrs Wright

Welcome to Lion Class and Upper School!

I am really looking forward to getting to know your children and learning alongside them. I hope that they will settle quickly into Upper School and cope with the challenges that Year 5 will bring. There is an exciting year ahead of us, with many mysterious and challenging topics, which I am sure the children will relish.

Topics – Terms 1&2

To The Stars

In Science, the children will be finding out about The Earth, Sun, Moon and our place in the Solar System. We hope to have a visit from the Kent Astrodome to help the children to better understand the world of outer-space and we will be modelling space-craft from recyclable materials in D&T. Our Science lessons will include learning about the movement of the planets in the solar system, understanding the lunar cycle and investigating why we have day and night. In Art, children will be learning about the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough along with his particular artistic style, whilst in RE we will be exploring what it means when Christians describe God as “Loving” and “Holy”.

The Ancient Greeks

In Term 2 we will be exploring the world of Ancient Greece. On our Greek Day, the children will make clay masks, experience drama, learn about architecture and taste traditional Greek Food. The children will investigate Greek gods and goddesses in ICT and create newspaper articles on the lap-tops. In RE we explore the question: “Was Jesus the Messiah?” whilst in Science we will be exploring the topic of Forces.


Our English curriculum is woven in with our topic areas. The lessons cover reading, writing, spelling and grammar, speaking and listening. In year 5 the pupils should be able to build on the firm foundations laid in lower school to develop their skills of fluency, accuracy and understanding in reading and writing. Handwriting should be legible and each child should be able to write in a joined-up style, using a handwriting pen. We would be grateful if you would continue to hear your child read on a regular basis and sign their reading record book when you have heard them read. We also encourage wider reading other than just school books so please encourage them to read any text (book, magazine, manual etc.) which interests them. If you have some spare time and would like to help with reading in school, your child’s class teacher would love to hear from you.


Maths is taught in ability groups. There is an emphasis on mental arithmetic and it is imperative that all children strive to have a sound grasp of all the tables from 2-12. In term 1, we will be extending our knowledge of Number by investigating Place Value, Addition and Subtraction whilst in Term 2 we will be covering Statistics, Multiplication and Division, Perimeter and Area.

How Parents May Help

Our PE day in Term 1 is on Friday (double PE), but this may change according to other necessary timetable changes. For this reason, the children should have their kit at school at all times. Please could you make sure they have a suitable tracksuit and trainers for outdoor P.E and that EVERYTHING is named. We expect the children to wear the correct school uniform as detailed in the school prospectus, clearly named. Thank you.


Homework will be set regularly and is expected to be completed. I hope you will support us with this. It will be given on a Thursday and needs to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Spellings and times tables will also be set.

Picking up your children at the end of the day

Year 5 children walk from the upper school block onto the play-ground in the same way they did in Year 4.

Additional Equipment

It would be very useful for each child to have an old t-shirt or shirt at school for our Art and D&T lessons. If you are able to send one or more in for our stores it would be much appreciated!

If you have any further queries or questions do not hesitate to talk to me. Here’s to a wonderful year!

Mrs Wright (Class Teacher)

Ms Sheridan (Teaching Assistant)


Updated May 2018