The Grasshoppers (Year 2) Mr Barker

Grasshopper Class (Year 2) Mr Barker

Welcome to the Grasshopper Class!

We are really looking forward to getting to know your children and learning alongside them. We hope that they will settle quickly and cope with the challenges that Year 2 will bring. We have got an exciting year ahead of us, with many interesting and challenging topics, which we know the children will enjoy.

Topics – Term 1

What do I need to be me?

The children will be investigating what we need to grow and how we can be fit and healthy.  They will be designing and making their own smoothies and of course tasting them! With judges judging in a Strictly Come Dancing style! The discussion around fruit and vegetables will link into our art where they draw still life pictures. During this unit of work the children will also be learning about life cycles and animals.                                                                        

Term 2

Through the keyhole!

In this topic the children begin sewing. They will learn how to create a running stitch and cross stitch to make a book mark. They will compare old and new toys, clothes and houses and investigate materials used to make them. The materials will be tested according to their properties to help the children understand why they have been chosen for a particular purpose. For example is a chocolate teapot really not useful?                                 


Term 3

Flying Away

This topic allows the children to explore flight in a number of ways by looking at the history of flight and the story of the Wright brothers. They will look at different types of clouds and collect data about cloud coverage, rain fall and wind speed within the school environment.  This gives the children a great reason to design and make their own kite and test them on our school field! We begin to explore the wider world, looking at hot and cold climates.              


Term 4

Town Mouse, Country Mouse

This topic allows us to learn about the world around us by comparing town life to life in the country. We investigate habitats and microhabitats and discover the creatures that live within them. Minibeasts are a firm favourite for the children to learn about! The children will explore food chains and how all animals need food to survive. In Art we learn about the artist Slinkachu and we recreate (age appropriate) work of his using digital cameras.   


Term 5

Sowing and Growing

We learn about what plants need to grow and set up experiments to see what happens when certain conditions are taken away. We get to plant a range of seeds and spend the Spring and Summer watching them grow. We also learn how the famous author and illustrator Beatrix Potter, created her famous character Peter Rabbit. As he is well known for stealing carrots from Mr McGregor’s garden, we look at creating our own vegetable patches using a range of art techniques.

It is in this term where we begin to learn about Hinduism. The children learn about the Hindu way of life through a multitude of experiences including art, craft and cooking. 


Two Queens

We end the term on a royal note learning and comparing the two famous queens, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The children learn the National Anthem and enjoy recreating the Queen

 in a multi-coloured ‘Pop Art’ style!

Trading Places

It is Carnival time! The children are transported to Rio where they learn about what it is like to be both rich and poor there. They design a costume to illustrate their dance move, learn Samba and their sewing skills previously learnt come in handy again as they design and make their own Brazilian flag! As the sun is shining in this Summer Term we move onto Kenya where our art takes on an African style!


Curriculum Days / Trips

Term 1 & 2

  • Visit to St Mary’s Church

Term 3 & 4

  • Traffic survey (Off school site)

Term 5 & 6

  • Hindu Temple in Neasden (approx £15) – more details and dates to follow



Your children need to make sure they have their P.E kit in school everyday. Please could you make sure they have a suitable tracksuit and trainers for outdoor P.E and that EVERYTHING is named.

Busy Bees have PE on a Wednesday or Friday.

Earrings must not be worn for PE so please can your child take them out for PE days. Thank you.


Reading at home

There is a continued expectation in Year 2 that children read at least 5 times a week to an adult, regardless of their ability or stage. We ask that once you have heard your child read you sign their reading diary, noting the page read up to. We also encourage wider reading than just school books, please encourage them to read any text that interests them. Going to the library together is a fun way to share new books with your child.



In Year 2 we expect the children to read every night. They will also receive weekly Maths Challenges. After Christmas, weekly homework will be sent home. This will be either Maths or Reading Comprehension. It will be given on a Friday and needs to be handed in the following week before Friday. On occasions, there may be a small project based on a topic within school to broaden the children’s knowledge and understanding. They will also be given the list of High Frequency Words, for the children to learn to read and write. Additional spellings will come home as appropriate.



Mrs Waite, Miss Petri, Mrs Wibberley and Mrs Bishop all work hard to support the children in Grasshopper Class.

Reflection area

In our classroom we have a reflection area – this is an area where we can reflect upon the messages we hear from the Bible, explored within RE sessions and our daily acts of Worship.


Picking up your children at the end of the day

Grasshoppers: On the small playground by the ramp.


I am available to speak to you at the end of the day if you have any questions or concerns.

Or alternatively you can arrange an appointment with the office.

Mr Barker.


Updated October 2017