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Starfish (Year 3/4) Miss Woodruff

Welcome back to the Summer Term! All the lovely sunshine we have had over the past two weeks really does make it feel like summer now. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to get outside and use the local environment as part of our learning and we are also making great strides with the Reculver Run.

Our Topic for the Summer Term is the Rotten Romans and we have spent the recent weeks finding out lots about them. During the afternoons, we have found out about the differences between life as Roman child and life now. Fancy some flamingo tongue for diner? Don’t go back in time, then! We also found out about how the Romans invaded Britannia back in 43AD – it doesn’t sound like it was much fun fighting them!

In English, we have tied our work in to the Topic and have researched different aspects of Roman life to help us build an information leaflet. We also had to make a glossary because there were a lot of tricky new words to learn. Here are a few of our fantastic creations. Can you spot the different ways we have laid the work out?

Science Page

As the Summer Term begins, we really get an opportunity to use the local environment to aid learning in Science. Many classes will be focusing on Living Things or Plants this term and seeing things grow and change gives an excellent opportunity to observe and discuss the world around us.

Lower Key Stage 2 has begun to learn about the different parts of plants and the roles each part plays this term. To do so, we went and got wonderfully grubby as we took apart a plant right down to the roots to see what exactly is going on underneath the soil.

Updated April 2018