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Executive Headteacher

Mrs J Ashley-Jones

Head of School

Mrs S Collins


Assistant Head

Miss K Hamilton




Upper School Phase Leader


Year 5 Teacher - Lions

Mrs R Wright

Year 5 Teacher - Leopards

Mr R Horan


Year 5 Teacher - Tigers

Mrs S Leelaratne



Year 6 Teacher - Jaguars

Miss K Hamilton

Year 6 Teacher - Jaguars

Mrs M Papageorghiou

(Image not available)


Year 6 Teacher - Pumas

Miss K Woodruff

Year 6 Teacher - Panthers

Mr N Barker

Middle School Phase Leader  

Year 3/4 Teacher - Jellyfish

Mr A Caple

Year 3/4 Teacher - Dolphins

Mrs F Cotter


Year 3/4 Teacher - Turtles

Mrs J Wills





Year 3/4 Teacher - Seahorses

Miss L Kup

Year 3/4 Teacher - Blue Whales

Mr N Depradines

Lower School Phase Leader  

Year 2 Teacher - Busy Bees

Miss L Askham

Year 2 Teacher - Busy Bees

Miss A Halsey


Year 2 Teacher - Grasshoppers

Mrs E Kirby


Early Years / Year 1 Phase Leader  

Year 1 / R Teacher - Caterpillars

Miss V Wood

Year 1 Teacher - Ladybirds

Miss E Madge


Year R Teacher - Butterflies

Miss R Bestwick

Year 1 Teacher - Crickets

Mrs A Litchfield


Year R Teacher - Dragonflies

Miss S Cunningham


Additional Teachers

Mrs H Mount

Mrs Gill Kennett

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Teaching Assistants

Mrs T Stubbings Mrs J Tames

Mrs R Sheridan

Miss L Smith

(No image available)

Miss L Cooper

Mrs H Manning


Mrs D Gardiner

Mrs K Rigden


Mrs Z Knowles

Mrs C Wenman


Mrs J Hayes

Mrs D Berry

(No image available)


(No image available)



Mrs C Cramphorn

Miss K Park


Mrs E Fox

Mrs M Mewett


Mrs C Pepler

Mrs M Shields


Mrs E Waite

Mrs K Adams


Mr M Heath

Miss K Smith


Mr J Neaves

Miss S Cunningham


Miss A Reynolds

Cheryl Nassirzadeh

Mrs S Browning Miss E Wood
Mr M Le Bargy Miss C Miles
Miss R Walford Miss R Appleby
Mrs Gemma Robbens Ms G Dengate



Mrs C Schooling Miss L Sutherland


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(Awaiting Image)
Mrs H Wilson  


(Awaiting Image)


Sports Coaches  

Mr M Ware

Extra Curricular Sports Leader

Mr M Heath
Mr J Neaves  



Inclusion Manager / QTVI

Mrs F Cunningham

Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mr P Grainger

Assistant Inclusion Manager

Mrs J Holder

SRP Specialist Teacher for Cognition and Learning

Ms L Ross


Wellbeing and Medical Learning Mentor

Miss G Everton

Speech & Language

Mrs D Berry

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(Awaiting Image)

VI Teaching Assistants

Ms F Bishop


Mrs L Wibberley

 (No image available)
Mrs M Blaikie Mrs P Laslett
Mrs Penelope Barker  

(Awaiting Image)





Office / Human Resources  Manager

Mrs K Newing

School Business Manager

Mrs K Spendiff


Mrs D Norton


Miss N Collins

(No image available)



ICT Technician

Mr A Kent




Site Manager

Mr M Ware

Assistant Site Manager

Mrs M Marsden