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Praise for Reculver

Recent Comments From Visitors, Parents and Carers...
  • The head and her teaching staff are very approachable and always happy to assist with any issues or questions I may have.
  • My child is now in year 6, he has been very happy all the way through school and wishes he could stay on at Reculver longer! The current leadership is fantastic and the best it has been in our time here. Communication between staff and parents is also great.
  • We have had children at this school now for over 20 years and we think it has never been as good as it is now.
  • The acting head and acting deputy head are a very good team and running the school very well and I hope they will carry on doing so. Fantastic school!
  • My child is really happy and settled in this school
  • I would just like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with everyone at Reculver! My husband and I were keen to move both children out of the school a few years ago as we were worried that their progress would be adversely affected by the poor Ofsted. However, we are delighted that both children stuck with Reculver; they are very happy at school and always want to go (even if they don’t feel well!). We are especially pleased with the new leadership! Well done everyone at Reculver. It is a school to be proud of.
  • My son has been the most settled and happy with this school, than any other, so I would recommend to a friend.
  • My child has only been at this school for 6 months and in such a short time has achieved more in this time than 3 years at his previous school. I believe this is down to his excellent teacher who goes above and beyond for each and every child. He is very blessed to have her and this in my opinion is why he’s done so very well.
  • I would like to express a special thanks to Mr Grainger who has been fantastic not only to our child, but to me also, during a difficult time for our family.
  • As a family we feel Reculver Primary is distinctively Christian and we are proud to be part of it.
  • Wonderful religious education is promoted. My children often discuss topics of faith and belief at home following a lesson or visit to church that has improved them.
  • I am very happy and pleased with Reculver School. My son is very happy there.
  • My daughter’s attitude to learning and confidence have grown in leaps and bounds since recently joining the school. Her class teacher goes above and beyond to make sure she is happy in class and her handwriting improvement is incredible! We are VERY happy with all areas of Reculver School and cannot thank you all enough.
  • My son has only been at the school for 2 weeks and has already made huge progress. I can’t thank the school enough for being so welcoming. His teacher is always present and ready to talk (to me
  • With having 2 children at this school, one being disabled, I feel very grateful for everything the school and SEN department have done. Thank you so much.
  • I am very pleased with all the help and extra interventions that my son is having. He is progressing well and enjoys learning now. His teacher is excellent.
  • Children need to be challenged all the time, shown how to overcome his mistakes, time to improve and lots of praise.
  • In the relatively short time our son has been at Reculver our views are very positive. His class teachers have been fantastic at recognising his strengths in learning whilst valuing him as a whole child. Thank you.