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At Reculver CE Primary School. PSHE and Citizenship is taught across all year groups, often within a cross curricular way. It is taught across all six terms, with a focus upon the emotional well-being of our pupils as well as the development of their understanding of citizenship.

Through PSHE and Citizenship in our school, we aim to help all pupils’ personal, social and emotional development and to help them understand their role as citizens, through the following ways:

The development of personal identity, and high levels of motivation:

  • The development of positive social interaction, and the skills to live and work with others
  • The development of the knowledge and skills to become an active citizen
  • The development of understanding of our Christian values

Our aims will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • To assist pupils in developing confidence and responsibility and enable them to make the most of their abilities
  • To prepare pupils to play active roles as citizens
  • To encourage pupils to develop a healthy, safe lifestyle
  • To enable pupils to develop good relationships and respect the differences between people

Principles of Teaching and Learning

At Reculver Church of England Primary School we follow the PSHE & Citizenship framework for Key Stage 1 and 2 and the PSED of Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We help children develop knowledge, skills and understanding so that they can contribute to and participate in inclusive learning environments. For example they learn about and deal with bullying and racism and learn to recognise and challenge stereotypes. They contribute to the development and review of relevant school policies and participate in projects and initiatives that promote inclusion e.g. through the School Council and acts of Collective Worship.

PSHE & Citizenship is delivered in both a cross - curricular way and through discrete lessons to deliver a planned scheme of work. Children’s learning in PSHE & Citizenship is fundamentally improved by a positive ethos in the school. An overview of the Long Term Plan has been attached.

Throughout the school year, we support many charities where we raise and donate money to a wide range of different causes. This allows children the opportunity to put into practice the principles of teaching and learning within PSHE and Citizenship.

At Reculver CE Primary School we take part within activities during Anti-Bullying Week and we make the children aware that we say No to Bullying.

School Council

We have a very active and supportive school council who do their best to share the thoughts of their peers.  In recent times the children have helped to arrange and run a number of fundraising events and have also attended school council meetings with children from other local schools as part of the Kent Coastal Alliance. The addition of our new outdoor play equipment is the perfect example of how our school council works to share the views of the children and act upon them. 

"I wanted to be a School Councillor because I want to make a difference to this school." Alfie Walker, Jaguars, Year 6.

"I love being a School Councillor because I want to help change things.  I enjoy listening to others and sharing ideas that can help to improve our school." Dan Johnson, Starfish, Year 4.

"I wanted to be in the School Council because I think I can make a positive difference to the learning of children at Reculver." Luella Mai Watson, Jaguars, Year 6.