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The learning and teaching of history at Reculver Primary School aims to provide opportunities to understand, appreciate and enjoy the multi-cultural world in which we live and to celebrate its rich diversity. We aim to develop children’s ability to chronicle, investigate and explain the past and thereby understand our world as it is.

We have a number of themed days that happen throughout the year to enable the children to be immerse in their history topic for the day. These include a Years 3 and 4 Anglo-Saxon day, Year 5 Greek day and Year 6 have a visit from the Home Front Bus. The children in Year 1 visit the Lifeboat Station in Whitstable when learning about Grace Darling and Years 3 and 4 visit Kent Life to find out about life in the Stone Age.

We also have a cross-curricular day each year involving the whole school taking part in a range of different activities. Last year we had the amazing Pudding Pan Island day which allowed the children to find out more about their local history. This year we are planning a two day extravaganza called Through Time and Place where the whole school will be transformed into a range of different countries and the children will get to travel round.

Please look at the attachments below for photos of our exciting days.

The organisation of History at Reculver School

Early Years

The teaching of history in reception will be in accordance with the Early Learning Goals, further information can be obtained in the Early Years Foundation Stage Policy.

Key Stage 1 and 2

 In Key Stage 1 and 2 history is taught through the cross curricular topics (Inspire curriculum) where all elements of the programme of study for history are included. See table below for more information:

History Coverage

* Due to the mixed year group children will be following a two year rolling programme. Curriculum A started in 2016-2017 and Curriculum B will be 2017-2018 and then continue in this pattern in subsequent years.


Medium term and lessons plans are provided through our Inspire curriculum scheme of work. Teachers are required to adapt these plans to suit the needs of the children in the class and also annotate plans to inform assessment for learning.