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At Reculver we have many celebrations and events which reflect and embody our overt Chriristian character.

Many of them follow the Anglican calender and others are key events where the children and adults reflect on aspects of their life and identity, their place in our community or society or ways in whch they can affect others' lives. Below are just a flavour of what we have done this year so far.

Harvest Festival

On Friday 2nd October Reculver CE Primary School held their annual Harvest Festival service. For the third year running, the children were all asked to bring in food items to support the local food bank. The parents and children were incredibly generous bringing in over eight hundred items of food. Rev. Sue Martin lead us in worship where the children spent time reflecting on all they have, praying for those who were less fortunate than themselves and thanking God for the gifts he gives us. The generosity is a true reflection of how all the children and their families live out our school Bible verse: We show love and compassion for others by truly helping them and not merely talking about it. 1 John 3:18.

Steve and Olly lead sung worship

On Monday 12th January we were lead in sung worship by Olly Jefferies from Herne Bay Baptist Church and Steve Dunn from The Beacon Church. The children had a great time singing enthusiastically, old favourites and new worship songs from Vietnam and Africa. Many of the children commented that it was lovely to have live music and felt more connected to the songs and its words during this worship session.

One of the songs we sung, which Steve learnt from children in Vietnam, reminded us of our worship theme for this term – ‘

Woven together
Working together
Stronger forever
Building the Kingdom of God

Visit from Bishop Trevor

On the 3rd November Bishop Trevor visited us!

Bishop Trevor of Dover spent about half an hour with us answering our questions. He was such a lovely man and explained all about his job, Cassock, Cross necklace  and Pastors staff.

He explained that he is like a shepherd leading the people and caring for them as a shepherd would. This is why he carries a Pastors staff, which was made by a real shepherd. He wears a purple cassock, so people recognise him as a Bishop and purple to show he is a servant of God.

In this picture he is showing Freya his cross necklace, which he kisses before he puts it on.

Rememberance Service

Every year we recognise Rememberance Day with a special service. We always celebrate the lives of those family members who have died, or are presently serving in the armed services around the world. We also reflect on issues such as rememberance, sacrifice and love.

We are also blessed to have links with the Regimental Association through our IEB Member Major (Rtd) Peter White, who has contributed to Worship with his colleagues, and helped the children share their prayers at the memorials in Ypres.

Harvest Festival

On Friday 3rd October the children at Reculver C of E Primary School celebrated Harvest by sharing in songs, dances, poems and prayers. It was a special time of worship where Mr. Fox and Rev. Sue reminded us all how fortunate we are, so should say thank you to God for his provisions and blessings and share what we have with others.

The Reculver families were incredibly generous with their gifts of food for the Canterbury Food Bank, supporting those who are finding life difficult in our local area. This was another example of how, as a school we live out our school Bible verse: ‘We show love and compassion for others by truly helping them, and not merely talking about it.’ I John 3:18

Philippa Hanna comes to visit

On Friday 6th June the children at Reculver Church of England Primary School were truly blessed when they were joined in Worship by Christian singer songwriter Philippa Hanna. She shared her journey to faith through her songs and honest stories. In between songs the children had an opportunity to ask her a question. During this time Philippa told them how she had started singing as a 2 year old with her Dad, who was a singer and her largest live audience was at the O2 arena supporting Lionel Ritchie.  The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to her beautiful voice, especially when she sang their favourite song ‘Daffodil Girl’. Philippa challenged them all to think of reasons why they are amazing, as they are beautifully and wonderfully made in the eyes of God, after watching her music video of ‘I am amazing’. Philippa then walked around the school, visiting children whilst signing autographs and CD’s. The whole school was buzzing after her visit, something they will all remember for a long time to come!

Good Friday Reflection Day

During the morning of Friday 4th April the children gathered in phases to reflect on the story of Good Friday.

They sat around a material cross and listened to the events of Good Friday. They were given the opportunity to reflect on what the story means to them: the cross is a cross of love and place where they can find hope and forgiveness.

We talked about how Jesus died to take away the sins of the world, our sins, and when we bring them to Jesus he forgives us and washes them away. The children were encouraged to write the word sorry or something they were sorry for on a piece of acetate which they could then symbolically dip in water and wash the ink away as sign of being forgiven.

Many children engaged with this and were able to begin to understand what the story of Good Friday and the cross can mean to them.