Early Years

Welcome to Early Years        

The Early Years Team would like to welcome you all to Reculver CEP School and we hope that your child will settle into their classes quickly and happily, enjoying lots of fun days of learning.

 When your child first starts school it is really important that they are setteled and happy to come to school.  So all the adults at  school spend the first few weeks getting to know the new children and helping them to make new friends.  We help them to learn where things belong in the classroom, how to keep safe at school and about their new routines at school.  Once the children have gained these early skills, then the fun really begins!

The whole team get really excited about learning through themed topics each term.  We gain an idea of where the children’s  interests are and then turn their ideas into fun activities that develop their individual learning.  Sharing ideas in this way often sparks other children to try new and exciting challenges that they may not normally approach.  As the children have the freedom of learning both indoors and outdoors we can create their learning experiences in a variety of ways.

Each day is packed with learning which includes Read Write Inc, daily maths, reading, handwriting and topic sessions.  These are short to begin with and as the children develop and are able to concentrate for longer periods of time the sessions become longer as the year goes by.  In between these structured times there are opportunities for children to explore activities of their own choice during ‘Child Initiated’ sessions.  These are really important times where the children can find out and explore their own ideas. We support children to gain self-confidence and help them to become independent and motivated learners, taking risks and persevering to overcome any problems along the way. 

At Reculver School we simply love learning!  Please take a look at the Early Years Curriculum Overview so that you can see the exciting topics that will support your child’s learning this year.


Educational visits

To support the childrens’ topic learning we are planning several visits this year. Further information will be follow in due course.

Term 2 – visit to St Mary’s Church

Term 3 – Visit to our local area

Term 5 -  Visit to Rare Breeds Centre, Ashford

Term 6 -  Visit to Reculver Beach


Home Learning

Children will receive Home Learning tasks throughout the year and we hope that you will find these fun learning opportunities for you to share with your child at home.  We suggest that the tasks are recored in a scrap book so that the children can share these with their class teacher and their friends at school.  

We ask that you read with your child everyday and that you spend time talking to them about their day.  This helps to develop their literacy and language skills, which are key to many aspects of their learning.  We also send home a copy of the letter formation mat to support writing at home and word strings so that you can help your child to learn to read and write all the High Frequency Words.


Transition: Pre-school into School

The transition from Pre-school into School can be a very daunting thought for both parents and children.  I hope that this information will help to ease any worries you may have regarding this next step in your child’s education.   

There are several ways in which we support the transition from Pre-school into School. We hold open mornings which provide an opportunity to come into our classes and have a tour of the school.  But don’t worry if you miss these because you can book an appointment with Mrs Newing, our School Business Manager, who is always happy to meet new parents and give them a guided tour around the school.

When the application process is completed and your child has been offered a place at Reculver School each class has their very own Teddy Bears Tea Party.  This gives both you and your child/children a chance to come to school for a play session and meet the other children who will be starting school in September. This is then followed by two play sessions which help the children to get to know a little bit more about their new learning environment.

I work alongside our closest nurseries, Beltinge Day Nursery, ABC and Goldfinch Nursery. We invite these nurseries to come along to our Christmas Performance in December.  I spend time talking to the staff to gain an understanding of the children who are hoping to come to Reculver School and this also helps me to place the children with a friend or a suitable friendship group. 

In September, just before the children come to school part-time, we complete home visits. These are individual parent and child meetings.  This is because we want to make sure that you and your child can talk to us about the daily routines and share any worries or concerns that you may have.  The children will then spend the first two weeks part-time, from 8.40 am – 12 noon, settling into their new surroundings before they take the plunge into full-time school.


Transition: Year R into Year 1

In order to ease the transition from Early Years into Year 1 we begin by arranging for the Year 1 teachers to come and play with the children or read them a story.  This helps the children to become familiar with the other teachers and adults in the school.  The next step is for the children to be told which teacher and class they will be moving to.  This is followed by a transition day towards the end of Term 6.  The children spend a whole day with their new teacher, in their new classroom and with their new friends. 

When the children first return to school in September the Year 1 teachers mirror the previous Term 6 routines and timetable, to help the children settle into their new year group really quickly.  Changes to the timetable are then made gradually.

  1. Transition from Pre-School to School