New Staff

We have several new staff starting with us this term. We have three new teachers joining us – you are already aware of Ms. Collins and Mrs McKane in Years 4 and 5/6 respectively, but a new face at school will be Miss Crosse, who will be taking over the teaching of The Tigers in Year 6.  Miss Crosse is from the green hills of Ireland, and will be starting her career with us here at Reculver. At interview she showed an excellent understanding of teaching and the needs of children, and has exemplary references. I’m sure you will welcome Miss Crosse to the school with the usual Reculver positivity.

I would also like to heartily welcome Mrs. Ashley-Jones, who will be working alongside myself and Miss Hatch as Deputy Head. Mrs. Ashley-Jones has a great deal of experience in raising standards and has worked with the Local Authority in developing teachers' practice. She is also an experienced Upper School teacher, and will taking over the Phase Leader position from Mrs. Cook, leading our Upper School team through the improvements this year. I know that Mrs. Ashley-Jones will be a valuable member of the team and look forward to working alongside her.

We would also like to welcome both Mr. Purcell and Mr. Kent onto our team. Mr. Kent is already familiar to many children as one half of the Film-It! Team who teach film making in Middle and Upper School. Mr. Kent will be a new part-time IT technician, helping to develop the IT teaching in the school, as well providing additional support. He will be supporting Mr. Silcock, who will continue as IT Manager.

Mr. Purcell is also a familiar face, taking over the full time Caretaker position vacated by Mr. Boxall. He has already proved himself a valuable asset and we are all looking forward to working with him in a permanent capacity.